Peter Crain

Peter Crain has been in the business of building since 1991. With a Masters Degree in Education and working full time as an Art Teacher at Eden Prairie High School specializing in sculpture and theatre set design, Peter also pursued his second love of building during academic breaks. After a decade of both teaching and building, Peter’s contracting business became a full time endeavor. Attracted to the idea of utilizing his artistic talents on a larger scale, Peter transformed his one-person construction company into C3 Construction Services, offering remodeling, carpentry services and full-service remodeling and building to create exemplary homes throughout Edina and South Minneapolis.

Majoring in Art Education and studying architecture at the University of Minnesota strengthened Peter’s natural talent for construction and design. Founding his own home renovation and custom home building company provided Peter with the opportunity to capitalize on his aesthetic strengths and education. His expert eye, natural curiosity and creative talents make him an excellent partner with both architects and homeowners, leading to a distinctly original and exquisitely finished project.

After more than a dozen years of success with C3, Peter’s vision has expanded to support an even higher level of custom home building and remodeling, working with the most talented architects and discriminating homeowners in the Twin Cities. Aligned with the most respected materials and construction experts in the Twin Cities, Peter will meet the demands of the most particular architects and homeowners with equal zeal. He will determine which material options best suit the style of your home, as well as your budget and construction method. And we will share all of this with you simply and clearly, whether you’re the architect or homeowner.

Peter’s tasteful focus keeps Trestle projects true from dream to reality, where his natural artistic eye and construction expertise combine innovative ideas and unified design to build homes that truly are Works of Heart.